Etude: Citizen Pryor [excerpt] 2017
How do you take action in the face of oppression? Biomechanical moves. :30 excerpt from 5:00 work.

Etude: Throwing a Stone [excerpt] 2016
Performers rehearse a Vsevolod Meyehold biomechanical Etude for the camera. The etudes communicate thoughts and ideas around action and violence. Excerpt from 20 min work.


Arts Administration Miner 2016
Your proposal for public dance performances in the parks has been rejected – have you considered administration?


Perfect Object, episode 4 [excerpt] 2016
They won’t leave the Doctor alone – and they’re hideous!

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 5.50.51 PM

Perfect Object, episode 2 [excerpt] 2016
The Doctor and the Artist are left behind. How will they escape?

Perfect Ob ep2s1

Perfect Object, episode 1 2016
Find two edges – can you combine them? Can you combine three or more edges to make a shape? Describe the shape.

Perfect Object 1 title still

Law and Order: Night Journey 2015
The performance of Oedipus is about to begin through that door behind me. Quoting gestures from Martha Graham, Kim Miller explores the productivity of action in the face of violence.

Law and order still KIm Miller

This Good Object Right Here [Animal March excerpt] 2015
Exhausted and nerves frayed, the Doctor looks around for the object of all knowledge and knowing. The animals know, and lead the Doctor away singing a soothing march.

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 10.27.18 AM

The Revolution/Flood [excerpt] 2015
Non-actors rehearse live for the camera. The silent video is accompanied by live soundtrack. Part of a feminist, queer science fiction trilogy. The performers enact a series of vignettes about cruise ship passengers stranded on Port-au-Pleasure passing the time in pursuit of bourgeois pleasure.


Invaders of the 5th Dimension [excerpt] 2015
Non-actors perform script for camera. Part of a feminist, queer science fiction trilogy. The tools of video-making are on display and the narrative disrupted. Unnamed forces threaten Lil Star and ask her to give her mind over to their control. Questions revolve around agency, action and language.


Reading with Dr.MK 2015
Using the form of learning-to-read graphics, what’s being read is quickly confused. Based upon the research of Dr. Melanie Klein, a psychoanalyst who worked primarily with children.

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 9.43.50 PM

Madame Mae Nang Nak [excerpt] 2014
Madame Mae Nang Nak asks Northern Thai people to tell the popular Thai ghost story of Mae Nang Nak. The video explores how the telling of a story changes the story, including how the role of the translator affects the narrative. Subtitles also contribute more than their content. Video made with support from Compeung Artist Residency, the people of Doi Saket and Wat Doi Saket.


Thanx for Meeting Me Here [excerpt] 2007
Hi. Thanks for meeting me here. Where is the here now?

Thanx for Meeting Me Here more

Quincy Jones Experience [excerpt] 2006
Swerving between the didactic and intuitive, like Quincy Jones and dolphins we’re along for the ride.